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Constitutional, Acute, and Follow Up Homeopathic Care


This appointment is used to get a full, clear, and complete understanding of who you are as a person and any long term or chronic health concerns you have experienced. I am interested in hearing what is unique and individual to you and your experience of life. This session runs anywhere from 60-90 minutes to have the space to explore concerns and symptoms in depth.  

$595 - Adults

$495 - Children (under 12)

Remedy is an additional cost of $15-$30

This initial cost includes email care between follow-ups.

Image by Christina Deravedisian


Scheduled 4-6 weeks after Constitutional Care appointment, this is an opportunity to explore shifts and changes noticed since taking your constitutional remedy. Follow up visits run 30-45 minutes and are used to monitor your progress and provide additional support on your healing journey. 

$150 - Adults and Children 

Additional remedies priced by potency


Support for all of the bumps, bruises, colds, flus, and all other unexpected, unpredictable, temporary ailments that life throws your way.  Appointments are 30 minutes to explore in detail all of the symptoms being experienced. 


Constitutional clients - 


Non-constitutional clients - 



Cancelation Policy

Please note, I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled within the 48 hour timeframe will be charged full price.

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