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Homeopathic Medicine

What is Homeopathy?

Gentle. Subtle. Powerful.

Homeopathy was started at the end of the eighteenth century by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. In response to the ineffective and harmful therapies practiced during his time, Hahnemann gave up his medical practice until he discovered the gentle modality of  homeopathy.

Like Heals Like

Homeopathy is based on the principal that 'like heals like.' A remedy is chosen that is capable of causing, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the sick person. 

Homeopaths understand that health and illness happen to the individual rather than to isolated parts. A homeopathic intake considers the entirety of the person - fully examining illness and energetic patterns in each individual in their totality. From that understanding, a homeopathic remedy is given that matches the pattern of the individual. 

Homeopathic remedies are minute doses of plant, animal, and mineral substances  that are used to stimulate the innate healing power of the individual so that all systems (mental, emotional, physical) function at their best. Homeopathic remedies are safe and gentle and do not have side effects or interfere with medications.

What can homeopathy help heal? The truth is homeopathy is both broad yet individual and can help move or shift deep energetic patterns and illnesses. 

Homeopaths do not diagnose or treat diseases.

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